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Apr. 5th, 2005

when everything goes wrong....

heh... life really does suck sometimes

Mar. 3rd, 2005


i've been extremely busy lately.
with work and school its already getting to be to much
sucks having to work till midnight :\
barely get any sleep anymore...
its money though so its all good i guess
i am going to nap though before work heh

p.s. interview for holiday inn this saturday! can't wait heh

Feb. 26th, 2005

its been a long morning..

Working today 5-8
Not looking forward to it even though its only 3 hours.
Talked to Kerry and she didn't get the job at KOHLS, tired calling Holdiay Inn again and got the machine.. oh well..
Think i'm gonna go make some lunch

Feb. 25th, 2005

good day good day

Well.. last night i made it so i won't get anonymous comments, but just now decided that i'm not going to change my journal just because some girl whom i don't even know wants to stalk me.
If she continues to stalk me then so be it. I'll ignore her & delete her worthless comments and continue on with my life because yes, i've had enough of her little games.

Today was good...
We had our second pep assembly of the year which sucked and was a complete waste of my time, but i sat next to charlie which was cool :D i never see that kid anymore!

Not much else has been going on..

Tried calling the holiday inn back yesterday but got a machine so i left a message and hopefully he'll call me back soon. If not i'll just call tomorrow and hopefully set something up.

Later Days


okay for being a senior in highschool i think i do very well
and thank you for stalking me, i'm glad you fancy everything that i do.
obviously you are a stalker for going through that questionare thing or whatever and then taking your time to come to MY JOURNAL EVERYDAY just so you can comment me on a subject that means nothing to me and has nothing to do with me. Thank you.
Oh and thank you again for also thinking that you know me so well and know everything i do because clearly you have not a clue ;)
People like you make me wonder what this world is coming to lol *shakes head*
I honestly think that i am more mature than you and your older than i am, heh your pretty pathetic... the things people do for "entertainment"
You judge people a lot too. Who said someone can't make a living off of working in a restaurant or working at a hotel? I don't see anything wrong with either of those.
I dont know why you have a problem with me either. Because i'm friends with Monique? Why don't you just go back to where you came from and stop playing your immature games?

Its getting late, i don't have time for this right now.

Feb. 24th, 2005


you have not irritated me one bit ;)
your just setting yourself up for whats to come

You must be her stalker or something because personally i dont remember taking a questionare?
Do you watch her every move or what.. my gawd lol

and how you got my journal name.... hmm...

Your pathetic and suck at life
thats pretty much all there is to it

So yes, i'm through with you and your little games because persoanlly i'm to old for this and i'm not going to get between something you hold against Monique.

On another note,
i got a call back from the Holiday Inn wanting to set up an appointment for an interview.
kinda sucks i got a job at franco's though... we'll see what happens..

I have things that need to get done though


Feb. 23rd, 2005

in response to anonymous

First off, i don't think you know Monique well enough to talk about her.
Second of all, you sound pretty jealous.
and third, to go out of your way to make someone elses life miserable doesn't say much for yourself.

Also, your not pissing me off. Your just immature and obviously don't have a life if you can sit at a computer all day and say that you know so much about someone when i bet you've never really sat down and had a conversation with her. Ever hear of harassment? Get yourself into this a little deeper...

To say that Monique can't keep friends is a lie. Monique and i have been friends for longer than you know and i know others that are her friend as well.

You judge other people by their actions and by their friends? What does that tell about your character?

Now honestly, why don't you face the fact that whatever it is your trying to accomplish isn't going to happen and move on with your life. I hope you look back on this someday and see how much of an idiot you are. ;)

One more thing..
I don't think her choices or my choices are any of your concern. That and i don't think you understood. In my last entry i wrote that i did not want to hear your opinions so why do you insist that you keep leaving it?

Feb. 22nd, 2005

maybe you dont understand

Not everyone is perfect
Things happen and i myself have made my share of mistakes
Just because someone has a child does not make them a bad person

SO anonymous, why dont you sign your name so i know who you are? If you think your so perfect what do you have to lose?

I'm sure i wouldnt have a problem with you because you are entitled to your opinion, but i certainly dont want to hear it.

Just because you dont like someone doesnt mean others cant be their friend. Thats pretty low of you for not even knowing me to judge me. Shallow much? Maybe just shady..
Saying that i'm not a decent person for being friends with someone hmm... i think you need to think things out before saying/writing them.

Anyway i think i've wasted enough time


Feb. 21st, 2005

and its 4am and we will stalk again...

I'd apprechiate it if people would not leave anoymous comments on my journal ;)
I dont invade your personal space talking shit about your friends so stay out of my business if you dont have anything worth reading to write

I swear... people have no lives what so ever.
The other day i got an IM from some random person i had never talked to in my life and she was just being annoying as hell.. i mean c'mon.. do something better with your life. I told her that too and she ended up telling me who she was, but it was a waste of my time.

It seems like as days go by people are getting more and more immature.

Just because you dont like someone doesn't mean you have to talk shit about them to someone that is friends with them.. *shakes head*

Anyway, i got a new job. It kinda sucks and i dont see myself lasting there, but the people are so amazingly nice :)

Things have been good i guess... i dunno.. same 'ol same 'ol

Have to go and get some things done before work tonight.

Later Days

Jan. 18th, 2005

so mad...

all guys are pigs...
it makes me sick

dont even ask..


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