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in response to anonymous

First off, i don't think you know Monique well enough to talk about her.
Second of all, you sound pretty jealous.
and third, to go out of your way to make someone elses life miserable doesn't say much for yourself.

Also, your not pissing me off. Your just immature and obviously don't have a life if you can sit at a computer all day and say that you know so much about someone when i bet you've never really sat down and had a conversation with her. Ever hear of harassment? Get yourself into this a little deeper...

To say that Monique can't keep friends is a lie. Monique and i have been friends for longer than you know and i know others that are her friend as well.

You judge other people by their actions and by their friends? What does that tell about your character?

Now honestly, why don't you face the fact that whatever it is your trying to accomplish isn't going to happen and move on with your life. I hope you look back on this someday and see how much of an idiot you are. ;)

One more thing..
I don't think her choices or my choices are any of your concern. That and i don't think you understood. In my last entry i wrote that i did not want to hear your opinions so why do you insist that you keep leaving it?


April 2005

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