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Dec. 31st, 2004

more pictures...

i know i know...  i look like a retard... lol

just me.... not the best pic... but ehhh

my partner in crime & myself at homecoming ;)


Dec. 29th, 2004




Dec. 16th, 2004


You Are the Individualist


You are sensitive and intuitive, with others and yourself.

You are creative and dreamy... plus dramatic and unpredictable.

You're emotionally honest, real, and easily hurt.

Totally expressive, others always know exactly how you feel.

ohh lets go back to the start...

Hmm.. so whats new?

My school is a piece of shit lol
but its good, because that means no school for me *smiles pretty*

Hung out with Mark last night.
We rented Terminal and I-robot. Good movies :)

I dunno.. i like hanging out with Mark. We hung out a lot over the past 2 weeks which is real cool, minus the fact that he tries to get with me each time lol..

We did a 180 coming home yesterday. Was all in good fun hah i think it scared the guy in front of us more than it scared me.

Then i got home and my brother told me he went drifting and that he was going to go tonight, but the snow is melting so that sucks cause i think he was going to take me with him :\

Him and i went to Denny's this morning. Yumm :D

Tomorrow i get paid. I cant wait... lol

Tommy sent me roses. I got them today. I've been kinda sick lately, he's such a sweetie.
They're really pretty.

Anyways... i'm out


Dec. 6th, 2004

sometimes this world amazes me...

i just text'd tommy saying
"maybe we need a break or something.."

Heh.. we'll see..

I'm sick of us arguing over little things
I'm sick of us sitting on the phone not saying anything..

bleh :\

I dont know..


Nov. 30th, 2004

these lonely tears stream down my face

Well i havent felt the need to write here..
I dont really write much at all anymore.
Maybe thats a good thing? ....Maybe not...
Stayed home from school today. Been sick for a week now and let me tell ya, its not fun at all.
Kelly moved to Florida. I miss her like crazy. I cant wait to go visit her though and she wants me to move in with her as soon as i finish school. I cant wait. Its so weird.. i've known her for about a month and during that short period of time we've become such good friends. OC night just isnt gonna be the same without her *sigh*
Tommy was here for almost a week so he could spend thanksgiving with me. It was nice. He went back Sunday night and already yesterday we were arguing... :\ i hate it...
I've been talking to this guy Mark that i met at Kelly's going away party. He's a nice guy. I dont like him like that though and i wouldnt go out with him even though he likes me.. I can tell he cares though and he listens when something is on my mind. He's a really great friend.
Well... i'm done writing..

Nov. 10th, 2004

down with the sickness..

i'm so disgustingly sick...
Had mom come pick me up at school today after ECE
No school tomorrow.. thank you Veterans :)
*trys not to cough up a lung*
All i want to do is sleep... but who likes to have a scratchy throut, runny nose, and drool all over the place when they try to lay down and get some rest. *sigh*
....sounds pretty gross..
Anyways. To top it all off, i have work tonight. We're going to be short a person so that means we're going to be busy like crazy. How fucking exciting!?
I told Jackie i'd do overnight Friday. Why the hell would she want me to do it? Out of everyone that works there she could've found someone better.. someone faster... So yes... from 10pm-6am i'm going to be falling asleep, taking care of bitchy customers, and cleaning.. all by myself!
On a better note...
Tomorrow is OC night at Kelly's!!!! I cant wait :) :)
write more later..

Nov. 3rd, 2004

major skippage

okay not so major... only studyhall ;)
annnd its my BIRTHDAY!!
yes boys & girls, that would be me *smiles pretty* lol
Hmm.. tommy didnt say happy birthday to me this morning until 15 mins later when i called him back. That kinda sucked, making my step dad to be the 1st to tell me today. Then Frank text'd me and told me happy birthday woo hoo and he keeps asking how it feels to be legal and now it wont be illegal for us to do shit lmao.. crazy kid..
Today was so long though..
Had the kids and they were so wild and i was so exhausted. I swear them kids make me not want to have any.. but thats okay ;)
I'm gonna end this and put in my new cd and maybe watch a movie before going out to dinner.
Lata Days

Nov. 1st, 2004

(no subject)

Well i'm in school.. how fun..
Nothing to do :\
Got paint on my good hoodie from the effin kids..
I swear i'm never having any of my own heh.
Yesterday was fun..
Felicia still wants me to go to that party tomorrow.
Maybe... I'd rather do that then work heh
Katie is def. calling me off Saturday though and we're going to hang out with some guys :)
Good times Good times
Anyways i'll write more later

woooo tipsy

So its Halloween night and its been pretty decent :)
Worked 6-2 went in 17 minutes late..
Got out, came home, dyed my hair, took a shower, did my hair all cute, got ready, then went to katie's work. She got off at 8 and then we went to brenden's and drank :D Got a little tipsy. He saved my life 2 years ago halloween night *laughs* and apparently i still owe him for that haha.
Good times.
felicia wants me to go to her house Tuesday but i have to work. She wants me to switch with someone, but i dunno. Shes just having two "hott" guys to come over to drink -n- shit and wants me to be there heh heh.. greeeat... so i dunno we'll see ;) Watch my friends turn me into an effin alcoholic haha. Nah really though.. it'll be fun as long as i dont get as bad as i was the last time i drank lol.
Claire is probably pissed at me but thats okay heh.. shit happens.
Been talking to Brent lately.. its.. weird...
and Lucas came back? or something? idk
but yeeeea life is good ...today... lol
i'm so hyped.. need to go to bed heh

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